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Ready to get nostalgic? We’re going on a *top secret* Easter Egg Hunt and you’re invited! 

To celebrate Easter, we’re having an Easter Egg Hunt on the Hello Peachiee website!

How does it work? 

When: Between the 1st and 5th of April (you have to sign up to find out the exact day and time).

Where: Right here! We will place three super-cute Hello Peachiee Easter Eggs on our site for you to find! Each Easter Egg is linked to a different prize! Want to find out what the prizes are? Well, keep scrollin’ then silly!

How: How do you win? First you must find the Easter Eggs (you only need to find one to claim that prize) and then you must send us a screenshot/photo of the egg on the site in the secret location. The FIRST person to send us a photo of each egg wins! There is a 1 prize limit per person (so you can only claim one Easter Egg) and there will only be three winners. 

First Prize

Sunday Spritz Bundle

Essentials Fabric Booty Band Pack, Sliders and Latex Booty Band Set from Cheeky Peachy

Best Sellers Kit

2 x Skin Lover Sunset Edition Serums

Blue Light Blocking Glasses & Luxury Case

A Twelve Month Subscription

Second Prize

A Six Month Subscription

Third Prize

A Three Month Subscription

Ready to get hunting for Easter Eggs?

We thought so! To be involved you just need to put your name and email address below and then we will email you with the exact location and time of the hunt!

*please note this means that all brands involved in this giveaway will also receive your email that includes Hello Peachiee, Cheeky Peachy, Sunday Lab, HG Skin Xo, Glamour Glasses and Body Spritz. 

What can you do while you wait? 

Have a good stalk of our site (don’t worry, we don’t mind) so you’re ready to go for when the hunt starts! And get egg-cited!