Underwear to Bed or Not? And Other Underwear Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask!

Underwear to Bed or Not? And Other Underwear Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask!

Undies. They’re a part of our everyday lives, and we don’t think much about them apart from wanting to find the cutest pairs. But some of you seem to have some burning questions about underwear that you’ve been dying to ask!
Here at Hello Peachiee, we come across a lot of underwear myths and rumours. Today, we’re here to give the people what they want and set the record straight when it comes to those essential undergarments.

Should you wear underwear to bed or not?


Is it healthy to wear underwear to bed? Or should we be going commando under the sheets?

You may have been told many different stories about whether you should wear underwear to bed or not, and we’re here to help settle the debate!

It turns out it really depends on your personal preference. Dr. Navya Mysore says there’s very little difference in wearing loose cotton underwear to bed or going without.

It’s all about breathability. Essentially, the majority of unwanted problems downstairs can be triggered by too much heat and too much moisture.

She also points out the choice of wearing underwear to bed might come down to how much vaginal discharge you have. Everyone has varying amounts, and the doctor says if you have around a normal amount, you may feel uncomfortable going commando. So do what feels best for your body, girl!

Psst! The good news is that you can wear whatever you want during the day – so you can keep rocking our cute AF designs

Do undies have an expiration date?


Technically, no, undies don’t have a shelf life. As long as you’re being hygienic and washing your underwear between wears, you’re good.

Experts say that while undies don’t have an expiration date, it’s important to toss any that have holes or overstretched elastic, as worn-out underwear can irritate your skin and increase the risk of infection.

Like’s too short to wear daggy old undies, so chuck those old pairs and treat yourself to some new ones!

Are discharge stains normal?


Yep! No shame, tea, or shade here!

Discharge is a normal part of having a vagina – in fact, it’s the vagina’s way of staying clean and healthy!

Since discharge is naturally acidic, it can leave a white or yellow stain in the crotch region of your underwear, or simply alter the colour of your underwear in this area. This is completely normal and not dangerous, as long as you’re washing your undies between wears.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to talk to your GP if your discharge is causing you pain or discomfort, or if you simply want to confirm everything is OK down there.

How should I wash my undies?


Some cotton underwear is fine to throw straight in the washing machine, but other more delicate pairs may require some extra TLC.

We recommend washing your undies in a washbag to prevent fraying or pilling and keep your knickers looking top-notch for longer!

Make sure you always read the label on your underwear for any special care instructions.


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