After getting the ick from an overly sexualised lingerie industry, I wanted to shake things up.

I started Hello Peachiee with the goal of creating a more realistic and representative lingerie brand.

The underwear industry is absolutely H-U-G-E, So I wasn’t sure it would go anywhere at first. But as it turns out, other women wanted the same thing I did; Cute underwear from a brand that celebrates ALL body shapes.

Something that makes women feel confident in their own skin.

Fast forward to now, we’re all about designing beautiful lingerie and having fun while we’re doing it. But that’s not really what this page is about.

Behind our products and our social media memeing there are some super serious things we want to throw out into the universe. The things we care about. ALOT.

  • Sustainability.
  • Ethical Sourcing.
  • Body Positivity & Diversity.
  • Giving old white blokes a chance to share their wisdom.

Lastly, we've also got our roadmap with current and future initiatives which we're working on.


Ethical Sourcing

Body Positivity & Community

Sustainability Roadmap