I started Hello Peachiee with the goal of creating a more realistic and representative lingerie brand.

The underwear industry is absolutely H-U-G-E, So I wasn’t sure it would go anywhere at first. But as it turns out, other women wanted the same thing I did; Cute underwear from a brand that celebrates ALL body shapes.

Something that makes women feel confident in their own skin.

Fast forward to now, we’re all about designing beautiful lingerie and having fun while we’re doing it. But that’s not really what this page is about.

Behind our products and our social media memeing there are some super serious things we want to throw out into the universe. The things we care about. ALOT.

  • Sustainability.
  • Ethical Sourcing.
  • Body Positivity & Diversity.

Lastly, we've also got our roadmap with current and future initiatives which we're working on.


The fashion industry is well known for its connection to negative environmental impacts. As an apparel company, ongoing improvement of business practices and processes is the most effective way to minimise this impact.

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All Hello Peachiee orders are hand packed in tissue paper and into cardboard sleeves with paper monthly cards. Larger products such as bras are packaged in satin and cardboard boxes. All paper packaging will transition to recycled paper by 2025. Packages are then sealed into compostable, biodegradable corn starch mailing bags.

Transport and International Freight

The majority of Hello Peachiee products are transported by sea freight which is the lowest possible carbon footprint option for international freight. Sea freight is an industry undergoing considerable decarbonization, and is on track to achieve emission reduction targets of at least 40% by 2030.

Distribution and Customer Delivery

Our distribution partner of choice is Australia Post (Sustainability initiatives can be found here), which operates the largest delivery network within Australia. Utilising a high volume network provides efficiencies of scale - minimising wasteful or carbon inefficient delivery operations. We have chosen AusPost based on its dedication to sustainable initiatives; and specifically their emissions reduction targets with a goal of Net Neutral by 2050.

Use of Chemicals

Hello Peachiee’s manufacturing partner has Industry Benchmark 100 OEKO-TEX certification which ensures all fabrics are free from harmful substances to human health including allergens and carcinogens. This certification is reviewed and updated annually by an independent third party and is globally recognised and standardised.

Operating Processes

Returns are sorted, restocked, or donated along with minor defective/factory second products to Support the Girls women's shelter. Our textile waste is collected and stored for reprocessing with textile recycling organisations.

Hello Peachiee’s subscription offering allows us to utilize on-demand manufacturing to avoid overproduction, wastage and destruction of redundant or unsold inventory.

Ethical Sourcing

Hello Peachiee is committed to working with ethically conscious organisations across the breadth of our supply chain. This includes working with appropriately certified and audited organisations, ensuring no modern slavery or child labour takes place at any partner organisation facilities.

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Manufacturing Partners

Hello Peachiee’s manufacturing partners hold BSCI Certification to ensure ethical and safe working conditions, including fair wage and working hours, anti-child labour laws, ethical working hours, a safe work environment and other labour practices. This certification is reviewed, updated and audited annually by an independent third party and is the global standard for ethical supply chains.

BSCI audits are independent and third party managed. Certification requires factory inspections including full policy review and in-person interviews with factory staff to ensure safety, working conditions and wage minimums are upheld.

Supply Chain Audit

Through our engagement with BSCI certified manufacturing partners, we have traced and audited 100% of our Tier One suppliers; these are factories responsible for the cutting and sewing aspect of our manufacturing process.

Additionally; we have audited 90% of our Tier Two and Three supply chain; these are factories responsible for fabric dyeing & embroidering and textile weavers and processors respectively.

Body Positivity & Community

Hello Peachiee began as and continues to be committed to body positivity and size inclusivity. We currently stock sizes 6-20 (with more sizes in the works) and we celebrate all body shapes. Hello Peachiee strives for inclusive representation in our marketing, engaging with influencers from a diverse range of abilities, ethnicities, shapes, sizes and ages. 

Hello Peachiee is a Female led and owned business. While our primary community focus is that of inclusivity and body positivity, we continuously work with other small Australian businesses. Our primary charity partner is Support the Girls.

Sustainability Roadmap