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  • COVID & Dating

    Oil and water. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. COVID and dating. Yep, some things just don’t mix well together.The pandemic has challenged us al...
  • All Of Your Boobs Questions Answered

    Does not wearing a bra make your boobs saggy? and other things you didn’t know about your girls.  How much do you really know about your tatas? Mis...
  • Can some foods actually cause vaginal yeast infections?

    A vaginal yeast infection (or candidiasis) is a fungal infection that can cause irritation, itchiness, and abnormal discharge. They’re super common and they really suck.

  • Designing Amelie: Hello Peachiee’s First Bra.

    What actually goes into making a bra? *Spoiler alert: a lot*  In this blog I, Kat, (the fashion designer at HP HQ) will walk you through the las...
  • The Rise of Celebrity-Endorsed Sex Toys (Thanks for the Orgasm, Lily Allen!)

    Celebs are promoting female pleasure with their own line of sex toys, and we’re here for it! There’s been a lot of buzz (sorry – we couldn’t help...
  • Underwear to Bed or Not? And Other Underwear Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask!

    Undies. They’re a part of our everyday lives, and we don’t think much about them apart from wanting to find the cutest pairs. But some of you seem to have some burning questions about underwear that you’ve been dying to ask!

  • The (Short) History of The Bra

    In this day and age, it’d be very hard to find someone who doesn’t know what a bra is. But do you know just how much the bra has changed over the y...
  • Easter Gift Guide

    Whether you’re catching up with family for lots of Easter festivities or having a quiet one, we have you covered! We’ve put together a list of cute, oh-so-chocolatey gifts for you to pick from! (Including lots of underwear, duh!).
  • Our Valentines Day Gift Guide